There is one thing that I would like my illustrations and comic work to reflect above all, and that is the diverse and multicultural world I find myself living in. Being of mixed race, in an increasingly-connected world, I feel a strong drive to ensure that the various and varied people among my circle of friends and the community around me are represented in the works I create.

To this end, I choose to draw equally upon both of the cultures of my heritage as a basis for my work, to share the joy of being mixed-race and to quell the negative stigma so often leveled at people like me. I insist upon researching and understanding people who have different experiences to mine, ensuring that when they appear in my works it is as a true, respectful reflection of themselves and not as a tired stereotype.

I will always seek to improve my craft, by honing skills I already possess and experimenting with new ones. I will continue exploring and absorbing knowledge, incorporating new styles and techniques into my repertoire when I feel I have fully understood them from a technical and cultural point of view.