NJ and Boss. dressed as professional black-ops agents, watch as Porkchop runs screaming into the fray, armed with twin blades.
An angry-looking Iranian woman looks scornfully upon Donald Trump, represented here as a tiny dinosaur with his face and terrible haircut.

Comics: NeonPOP!

I started NeonPOP! in 2009, not long after Elf Blood. It originated largely as a gag strip with sequential art, incorporating clippings from newspapers and screenshots from news media. While not produced with the same regularity as Elf Blood, new NeonPOP! pages were released every once in a  while, never getting a website of its own and relying on social media for views.

NeonPOP! evolved over time into a single-panel gag comic, satirising news, current events, and culture through a filter of garish colours and snarky – but quietly optimistic – writing. While anyone involved in the news can make an appearance, the bulk of the comic is taken on by an expanding crew of recurring characters who originated as narrative devices when the strip’s conceit was still that it was a news channel, broadcasting their own unique take on the news.

Key recurring characters are: NJ, a young female newsreader with a hairdo the B-52s would be envious of; Boss, her mole-like newsroom editor; Pickles the Newscat, a cat that sat around the studio and occasionally interacted with background objects; and Porkchop, an overweight bespactacled man whose personality was flexible enough to be a professional counterpart to NJ in the newsroom, or a representation of everything that is wrong with humanity, depending on the story being touched on.

It is a goal of mine to create a regular NeonPOP! publication, as there is much about modern news and culture that needs satirisation.