Illustration depicting a woman struggling to climb buildings to reach the same height as a smug-looking man.
Image depicting a woman and a man balanced on scales, in conversation,
An Arabic woman pulls back the side of her hijab to show the cracks that are developing in her porcelain mask.
An Asian woman and her young children escape through a door that leads from a hellish-looking abstract location.
An asian woman crouches in despair as two skeletal hands manipulate red ribbons tied to her wrists. An hourglass trickles down in the background.
A melancholy young woman leans against an abstract background, surrounded by symbols of illness and restriction.
A young man struggles against a collapsing abstract background, as aggressive symbols taunt him.
A young woman leans out of an abstract background, wind ruffling her hair, holding a cracked porcelain mask in her hand.

Illustration Work

Chris has been illustrating professionally since 2016, and has a number of styles that will match the look you want – clean lines, monotone palettes, cel-shaded, and blended painted style shading.

Chris has worked for a number of clients doing very exciting work, including The Ferret, openDemocracy, Cardiff University, and the Independent Social Research Foundation.

Chris is particularly interested in doing illustration for Independent News Media, ESEA Representative Creative Work, LGBTQIA+ Representative Creative Work, Video Games, and Tabletop Games.

Chris will not engage with NFT art projects, and no part of any project he agrees to work on shall involve NFTs.

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