An asian woman crouches in despair as two skeletal hands manipulate red ribbons tied to her wrists. An hourglass trickles down in the background.
A South-American woman reaches out of a line of identical humanoid figures, reaching towards - but not quite reaching - a baby held in the arms of a person in a suit.
An African schoolgirl looks anxiously over her shoulder.
An African schoolgirl clutches her arm nervously, as men argue around her.
An Asian woman and her young children escape through a door that leads from a hellish-looking abstract location.
An Arabic woman pulls back the side of her hijab to show the cracks that are developing in her porcelain mask.

News Media: Domestic Abuse in Refugee Populations

These images are from the first project commissioned by The Ferret. As part of their investigation into why vulnerable refugee women slip through the cracks of social care in the UK, they wanted to ensure that readers could have a ‘human element’ to associate the womens’ stories with. As a result, I was asked to help provide this while respecting the anonymity of the women in the article.

I achieved this by designing ‘characters’ to represent each person’s story. From the information I was given, I was able to create representative models by incorporating visual motifs that reflected their countries and cultures of origin. I also included a cracked porcelain mask motif on all of the ‘characters’, partly as a response to the need to preserve the womens’ anonymity, but also to reflect the intense pressure they were under.