A middle-eastern man is menaced by various images symbolic of torture, violence, and imprisonment.
Two images of the same African man - One where he is bruised and beaten, one where he is smiling and more optimistic.

News Media: Survivors of Torture

These images were commissioned by The Ferret, who ran an article exposing the failings of the UK government and its policies regarding asylum seekers.

This brief was an interesting one – as with many of the illustrations I have done for The Ferret, the subjects of the article wished for anonymity. However, in this case, they were also happy for their likenesses to be used. This allowed me to more directly represent them in the illustrations, but also to focus in on telling their stories visually. I attempted to convey not just the brutal violence inflicted upon them, but also the utter dread and psychological impact being imprisoned without just cause and being tortured has had on them.